The Centre for Policy and Research in International Law (CPRIL), a student run body in National Law University Jodhpur, was established to promote and encourage the study of international law in our University. We aim to undertake academic discussions, organise workshops, and promote writings and debating on the contemporary issues in international law to ensure a continued interest among the students. We have taken the initiative to start an ILSA Chapter for our University under the umbrella organisation ILSA – International Law Students Association. ILSA is a non-profit association of students and lawyers who are dedicated to the promotion of international law, the objectives of which coincides with that of the Centre.

Constitution of CPRIL and ILSA Chapter, NLU Jodhpur 2017


Amrita Shivaprasad                                                                                          Rahul Datta


Arushie Marwah                                       Lakshana C V                                Ragini Gupta

Athira Sankar                                          Madhav Thampi                            Mridul Godha

Tanmaya Negi                                            Ankit Handa                                  Ayushi Singh

Nitya Jain                                                 Shambhavi Kala                             Divyakshi Jain

   Pooja Ravishankaranan